Project: Neural network-based left ventricle geometry prediction from CMR images with application in biomechanics
joint with Lukasz Romaszko, Alan Lazarus, David Dalton, Colin Berry, Xiaoyu Luo, Dirk Husmeier and Hao Gao
published in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 2021

Project: Gaussian Process Enhanced Semi-Automatic ABC: Parameter Inference in a Stochastic Differential Equation System for Chemotaxis
joint with Diana Giurghita and Dirk Husmeier
published in Journal of Computational Physics, 2020

Project: Partially Censored Posterior for Robust and Efficient Risk Evaluation
joint with Lennart Hoogerheide, Siem Jan Koopman and Herman K. van Dijk
published in Journal of Econometrics, 2020

Project: Time-varying Combinations of Bayesian Dynamic Models and Equity Momentum Strategies
joint with Nalan Baştürk, Stefano Grassi, Lennart Hoogerheide and Herman K. van Dijk
published in Journal of Econometrics, 2018

Project: Bayesian Dynamic Modeling of High-Frequency Integer Price Changes
joint with István Barra and Siem Jan Koopman
published in Journal of Financial Econometrics, 2018


Project: Closed-loop effects for modelling and inference in a pulmonary hypertension model
joint with Mihaela Paun, Mitchel J. Colebank, Mette S. Olufsen and Dirk Husmeier

Project: Predicting left ventricle geometries
joint with Lukasz Romaszko, Alan Lazarus, Hao Gao, Xiaoyu Luo and Dirk Husmeier

Submitted and under review


  • Methods for Accurate and Efficient Bayesian Analysis of Time Series, PhD Thesis


  • Bayesian Risk Evaluation using Importance Sampling, MPhil Thesis in Econometrics


  • Sequential Monte Carlo: Selected topics, Bachelor Thesis in Mathematics


  • The Application of the DSGE-VAR Model to the Polish Macroeconomic Data, Master Thesis in Economics